Facebook, being the market master in the Social Media Networking, has become a very influential platform for individuals and businesses alike. People use the social media website for connectivity purposes whereas, companies fish out more potential clients by interacting with them one on one. Take, for instance, an online shopping site which has only selective methods of marketing to depend on for increased amounts of sales. Facebook is the perfect platform to interact and attracts more customers to their website.
11 ways Become Popular in Facebook Fast

A business owner who is looking to use Facebook as a primary source of online marketing needs to consider the following point if he or she wishes to become famous on Facebook very quickly and increase visitors to the business website.

So, everybody is questioning in their mind "How to get famous on Facebook Fast." So, I've written this post to help you to build your Facebook Profile and attract visitors quickly.

#1 Make one Good profile

The problem with business owners today is that they do not have the patience for them to grow. They tend to make many profiles which are fake and create more than one pages which in actuality places a negative impact on the visitor. One Good profile is the way to go.

#2 Using Boost Post Feature

Become Famous Facebook Boost Post

Boosting a Post in Facebook helps to increase the Post Reach of that Post. Make sure that the post you are going to Boost is engaging and catchy.

#3 Brandise the business page

The business page needs to be properly stamped so that the page looks authentic to all the visitors. Create an Awesome looking logo and draw attention towards your clients.

#4 Add a branded profile picture

Brands can add their logos or even their customized profile pictures which represent their business in the best way possible.

#5 Keep the posts coming regularly 

Regular posts with an active profile attract more visitors than not-so-active profiles. If you are serious in the Facebook business, then you should make it a point to use it properly as well. Managing the Social Media business page enables visitors to land on the company website more frequently than those pages which do not have regular updates on them.

#6 Interact with visitors

Business pages are meant to give potential customers access to the market. That is what social media is all about. Talk to the visitors and answer all their queries. They will refer other people to your page as well.

#7 Make your page fun

To keep bringing back the visitors; business page owners should maintain their pages regularly and make sure they are fun to visit. Why would someone come to your page for no good reason? They would only do that if there were something benefit to them.

#8 Add pictures and visuals of your products

Keep reminding people that what the business page is about. Many social media users are on a look out for a particular product, and they tend to use Facebook meanwhile as well. Go ahead and catch them while you still can.

#9 Add videos and Use Facebook Live

Videos are always exciting. Funny videos, corporate videos, product reviews, anything. All forms of videos are acceptable, and these will keep you going on this platform. 

Facebook Live is a New Kick-Ass Feature that allows you to Live Broadcast your events. Live Telecast Posts have very high post reach.

#10 Create polls and Conduct Giveaways

Become Popular in Facebook by Conducting Giveaways
Users want to get something out of business if they tend to be interested in business. Conduct some Giveaways and offer some goodies to your customers. The perfect way to establish interest is by adding polls which allow business page owners to fetch customer views and competitions which keep the users interested.

#11 Ask for referrals

Referral illustration cartoon
Last but not least. Asking for referrals is not something shameful on a social media platform. Once you find a customer that is satisfied with your product, ask him or her to friend in their friends or family or anyone else they know who might be interested.

Final Words

There are no limitations regarding popularity when it comes to Facebook. A person or business can become instantly famous on the website or can even take ages to make more connections. As for businesses, it is more important that they become active and popular on Facebook since their profits and revenues sometimes depend on this platform.
Hey Guys, I'm back with a new post. In this post I'm gonna tell about"Top 10 Android Apps to Make Your Life EasierAndroid apps are a powerful medium that helps to organize your search. The beauty of Android apps is that they present us with many advanced facilities, which otherwise cannot be achieved by simply browsing on the site. Smartphones leave a great impression on the way we conduct ourselves today. To utilize and tap the full potentialities of a smartphone, you must download and install some incredible apps for better functionality. These apps makes your Life simple.

Top 10 Android Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Let’s take a look at the 10 Powerful Apps that can transform your daily life experience:

#1 Google Keep

Deminto's Rating: 4.6

Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Productivity
Google Keep Screenshot
Google Keep is a reminder app by Google and is an extension for Chrome that helps you to create notes with pictures and text, and sync them across the devices even when you are offline. It has a voice memo facility that captures your mode in the go and later will remind you in the right time and place.

#2 Money View

Deminto's Rating: 4.9
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.3, Category: Finance
MoneyView Android App Screenshot
A richly designed app that helps to manage your expenditure and budget. Money View records your inflow of money, and you can easily have a timely review of your monetary status in weekly and monthly basis in a single tap. 

#3 Glympse

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Social
Glympse Android App Screenshot
With this flexible and reliable app downloaded on your Android phone, you make your near and dear ones free from any anticipation by way of sharing your real-time location. You just need to select a contact and send your destination with a message whenever you are late for any occasion. In whatever devices your contact will be, he or she will receive your message instantly.

#4 Inshorts

Deminto's Rating: 4.7
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million, Rating: 4.6, Category: News & Magazines
Inshorts News Android App Screenshot
An innovative app that collects news updates from multiple agencies and edits them into precisely 60 words in a way that readers can easily read them. Different genre of news you will find in this app and hence especially useful for those who are targeting competitive exams like UPSC, CAT, XAT, etc.

#5 Tinder

Deminto's Rating: 4.1
Google Play Downloads: 50 Million, Rating: 4.0, Category: Lifestyle
Tinder Datting Android App Screenshot
Tinder is popular dating app for all the single people to socialize and find their prospective matches in a nearby location. Depending on the age and distance, you can choose your partner and like them based on your interest. Soon after getting a response, you can start messaging. 

#6 WhatsDog 

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
WhatsDog WhatsApp Spy
A very flexible tool to track if somebody is online, even if the user keeps the information private. In other words, it is a spying tool, where you don’t even require to WhatsApp get installed on your phone or have a particular contact saved. All you need is just a phone number, and this app will automatically track it. As you start using it, it will create a calendar of events where the entire history and statistics of the person will be visible. 
WhatsDog very useful App to track the Activity of our Siblings, Friends, etc. It's Free and unavailable on Google Play Store. However, you can download the APK File and use it. I've personally used it, and it made spying my friends quickly. It gives an interactive graph of online & offline status of our friends. It's easy to use and doesn't need any technical awareness.

#7 Wunderlist

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Productivity
Wunderlist Android App

Wunderlist is a simplistic app that helps you to manage your to-do list on daily basis. Any sort of your personal and professional data can be maintained through this app and can be shared later with your family and friends. It can be used to sync in between the devices, so ultimately making it easy for you to access your details from anywhere.

#8 Slither.io

Deminto's Rating: 4.0
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.2, Category: Action
Slither.io Android App
A must have app if online game excites you. Through it, you can play against other people online for the longest hours. The rule of the game is that if your head touches another player, you will be finished. Similarly, if the players run into you, they will end, and you can eat their remains.

#9 Hola VPN Proxy

Deminto's Rating: 4.8
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Tools
Hola VPN Proxy
A free proxy switcher that can be used as an extension of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers in order to have access to blocked videos from foreign countries like USA and UK. This way, surfing via proxy, you can protect your privacy also. 

#10 Splashtop 2

Deminto's Rating: 3.7
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Business
Splashtop 2 Android App
A fastest remote desktop app that helps in easy transfer of files, print files from a remote computer to a local printer and helps to conduct remote chat sessions. In the field of IT, where remote accessing is very much required, it helps a professional to access his Windows or Mac computer easily through his Android phone or tablet. 
Hey, Readers. If you are reading my post, then you are definitely searching for Best Android Games. Today everyone owns a smartphone. But “Owning a smartphone doesn’t make you smart”, LOL. Smartphones are called so due to their smartness. 

11 Popular Androids Games

They are called smart in what way?
The answer is clear they are called smartphones due to their higher level functionality. 

But what makes a smartphone functional? 
The answer is clear, and we all know this answer. A smartphone is made functional due to Apps. Apps are of many types. They may be related to our daily life solving our everyday problems, or they can be related to entertainment, or they can be music apps.
But, I would like to tell you that there is one more category of apps that we all love most. Yes, you are right, I am talking about the Games.

As we all know that thousands of games are released every year. They may be running on various operating systems. Whatever platform they use, all we know is that we love games. I would like to mention that “ The Whole world have a special attraction towards games.”

Today we are going to tell you about Top 11 Android Games you must play.

#1 Pokemon Go [Author's Choice]

Deminto's Rating: 4.9
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.1, Category: Adventure
Pokemon Go

“Whenever you saw a man heading towards a dead end with his eyes in the phone then just get it that he is playing Pokemon Go game."

Pokemon Go is the game which has shocked the market. It is hard to believe that someone can create this kind of game too. It is hard to believe, yet it is to be believed that someone has created this type of an Ultimate game.

Let us tell you what people do in this game. In this game a person has to create his ID then he is given a player/trainer. Pokemon Go is connected to GPS. Depending on our locality and position there comes a virtual world in our phones. But the interesting fact is that our player moves with our physical movement means we have to walk then it will also walk.
It is the fact which is used in playing this game. We have to catch Pokemons in this game. Pokemons are situated at various locations; we have to go to a certain place to catch the particular Pokemon. The rarest Pokemon you get the strongest you become.

#2 Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Deminto's Rating: 4.2
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Action
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Android Game
Mini Militia is the game which is being loved by every college student. Nowadays, students are going to college, only due to this game. They spent hours playing this game. In this game, you face the 2D version of a military fight
The coolest thing about this game is that you can play this game with up to 12 players. You just have to on your hotspot then bang on! The game is on.

You are given a cadet as your player you can modify it according to your needs. You can select various combat places according to your needs. The real excitement of the game begins when you get a rifle, sniper, AK 47, bombs, grenades and various other weapons.
The real joy of this game is to win from your fellow players.
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#3 Clash of Clans

Deminto's Rating: 4.7
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.6, Category: Strategy
Clash of Clans Android Game

Clash of clans is the another game which people love the most. That's why this game has made itself into our top 11 Android games list. This game is developed by the company known as Supercell. This game was launched on 7th October 2013 on Android platform. 

CoC is a multiplayer game in which user tie-ups with other player and makes troop and attacks city and steals gold, diamond jewels, elixir and dark elixir. Gold and elixir are used to defend the city against other player’s attack while elixir and dark elixir are used to train the troops. 
This is the totally awesome game, and you can never stop playing this game. 

#4 Candy Crush Soda Saga

Deminto's Rating: 4.0
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.3, Category: Casual
Candy Crush Soda Saga Android Game

Candy Crush Soda Saga is the evergreen game which is never going to lose its charm. This game is as much fun as it was three years ago. The concept of this game is very clear and simple you just have to remove all the jellies from the game by using the correct combination of candies.
The candies get burst, giving you the point, whenever you make the matching combination of the candies either vertically or horizontally
Candy Crush Soda Saga was launched more than five years ago, yet it is one of World’s most favorite games.

#5 Minecraft [Paid] [Must Try]

Deminto's Rating: 4.9
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Family Friendly
Minecraft 3d Android Game

Minecraft is a Creation game. Here you've to place blocks and create a virtual place using that blocks. You can create amazing things like a forest, castle from the simplest blocks. This is a paid app which can be downloaded at Playstore by paying some money around $10. You you want to download this game for free the check out this post.

#6 Asphalt 8 Airborne

Deminto's Rating: 4.2
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Racing
Asphalt 8 Airborne 3D Android Game

Asphalt 8 Airborne is another game on our list. Fast running cars, super acceleration, nitrous if all these are your fantasies than you will love this game.

The philosophy of the game is quite clear you have to race, race and race!
Everyone has loved this philosophy since their childhood. Everyone loves racing games, and this is a simple fact, yet this simple fact is responsible for this game’s immense success. And another thing, I want to mention you that this game is large, and it will occupy 1GB on your smartphone.

#7 Can you Escape 

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.3, Category: Puzzle
Can you Escape Puzzle Android Game

Can you Escape is an Awesome Detective game. It refreshes our Mind. It tests our intelligence. In this game, you will be given a Room which was locked. You've to find a number clues to get the Key finally to get out of the room. There are plenty of versions of this game to try.

#8 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Paid]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Deminto's Rating: 4.4
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Action

#9 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Paid]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million,  Rating: 4.2, Category: Arcade

#10 Dots

Dots Android Game

Deminto's Rating: 4.1
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.1, Category: Casual

#11 Cut The Rope: Experiments FREE

Cut The Rope: Experiments FREE Android Game

Deminto's Rating: 3.99
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.2, Category: Puzzle

Wrapping up

In this Article, We presented you some Top Android games that you will love. These are the games that are being loved by everyone around this country. Even I'm a huge fan of these games. I would advise that you should play these games. And I guarantee that you would fall in love with these games. Thanks.

An Article by Tejas

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Hello, Folks! Almost Every people is not satisfied with their Android Phones or the old default shitty Android Launchers. Well, In my case I had a Samsung Galaxy S Duos which worked great for a few months then it started to lag like hell! I Searched the whole of the Internet regarding this issue; I saw many Forums. Many People Said that Root your Phone, Increase your Ram and Blah Blah Blah!

11 Incredible Android Launchers To Boost Your Phone

I overcome a Forum, and Sadly I do not remember the name so, Apologies for that :P Someone on that Forum Thread said That “Hey Buddy, Why not you change your Android Launcher?” I was like that what the hell is this Launcher? Rocket Launcher? Speed Launcher? Moreover, many other unrealistic thoughts went through my mind in just a matter of seconds.

For All those Who do not Know What is An Android Launcher?

Android Launchers changes the UI and the interface of your lock screen and your Mobile’s App Drawer. Android Launchers can help in decreasing your Phone’s Ram and making it a bit faster by changing that Ram Eating Applications. This was the Problem which I had in my old shitty Samsung Galaxy S Duos

 Android Launchers can also be very useful for all those who are bored with their Phone’s Default Android Launcher. 

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What to do if your Phone Lags on the below-given Launchers Also?

Well, Many of you always tell that you sometimes face some problems with all these launchers because some of them start lagging on your android mobile phone after a short time, So What to Do?

I will not be making the post too lengthy. So, I would just be sharing some of the basic techniques to make your Android Mobile Device Work Faster.
Android Hanging Logo

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now, Move to the About Phone Section.
  • Now Scroll Down and click 9-10 times on the Build Number section or until it says “You are Now a Developer.”
  • Now, Go to Settings again and near the Build No. You will see an option named “Developer Options.”
  • Click on it and Tick the “Force GPU Rendering” Option.
  • There Would be options like “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” Set both of them to “Off.”

If you want a Detailed Guide on How to Make An Android Mobile Phone Faster, Click Here

Note: Download Android Launchers from a Trusted Source like the Google Play Store because the Launchers Downloaded from other sources can be risky and take over all your data like Passwords, Messages, and Contacts.

So, That is the Reason I am Today Writing this post on “11 Incredible Android Launchers To Boost your Phone” Just for all you guys!

The Below Info. Was Provided by AYSK!
Now, Without any further discussion, Let's get straight into it!

#1 The Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Android Launcher

This is my Favorite launcher which I use on my Lava Pixel V2 3GB Because of its impressive interface, UI and other customizable options which are just like an Icing on the Cake! This is the best Launcher if you want a Pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow look in your Old or New Android Device. 

Well, The Google Now Launcher has Launched a few years ago and received a huge success and response from the people who used it and everyone had really great experience using it. 
I will recommend this Launcher for the People who run Android JellyBean on their Phones and have 512 MB Ram on their Android Phones.

#2 Nova Launcher

Nova Android Launcher

This is also a great launcher for those who get bored easily in a really short span of time with their Android Phones/Launchers and always want a New Look For their Devices because The Nova Launcher offers a broad range of Paid and Free themes itself in the Launcher.

#3 ZenUI [By Asus]

ZenUI Android Launcher

ZenUI is a Giant Launcher by Asus Computers comes with a Minimalistic User Interface. They use this Launcher for their Zenfone Series And, yes it can be used by all and available for free in Google Play. This is a Great UI who need a Simple Clean UI with decent features. 

#4 Hola Launcher [★ Google Play Best of 2015 Winner! ★]

Hola Android Launcher

Hola Launcher is another Great Launcher which is suitable for the Mobile Phones with Low Ram or a Low Processor. Honestly, I tried this Launcher, and I did not like it because it just displays many apps on the home screen and always says you to install all these apps.
I will not say anything regarding the User Interface, App Drawer, and the Customization. The Only thing which makes me hate this Launcher is all these stupid Advertisements.
I recommend this Launcher for the Phones who have Low ram and a Shitty Processor. If you wanna Save your Smartphone Battery and Consume less power then go for it. As I have mentioned the only problem with this Launcher, If you are Ok with it, Then you are good to go.

#5 Metro UI Launcher 10

Metro UI Launcher 10 for Android

Metro Launcher is another great launcher for many people. This launcher gives your old Mobile Phone’s Launcher a new Windows Phone like looks. The Metro Launcher is also ideal for the devices which have a slow processor or less ram. I would Recommend this Launcher to the ones who just love the Windows Phone 10 Launcher or want a smooth User Interface.

#6 Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher for Android

This is also a great Launcher which is unique in its own style. This Launcher gives a unique look to your mobile device, and this is the best thing about this Launcher. Basically, It gives a round App Drawer to your Android Device, and Honestly, I have not seen this Unique feature in any of this Android Launcher rather than the Smart Launcher.

#7 Arrow Launcher [By Microsoft]

#8 Yahoo Aviate

Yahoo Aviate Launcher for Android

#9 Apex Launcher

#10 Buzz Launcher

#11 Launcher 8

Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network was a  highly Customisable Windows UI. If you Love the Windows Look, then you must try it!

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Final Words

There are a lot of Android Launchers available in the Market, and these were the Launchers I feel the best in terms of all things a person would need in his Android Mobile Phone, Tablet or any other Device.

If You think there are more Android Launcher which deserves to be on this list, then please comment down Below! 
We would love <3 to hear from you guys. :-)

An Article by Arvinder Singh [All You Should Know]
Stay Tuned!

Getting traffic to your website is difficult enough considering the algorithm changes that Google does annually. However, keeping incoming traffic from leaving your site is even tougher. It’s essential for website masters to keep visitors on their site as long as possible as it helps to reduce Bounce Rate.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is an important SEO factor. It’s an analytic measurement that helps Google determine if the content of your site is relevant to what the user is searching for, or if it has quality content to keep the visitors interested.

Google measures your bounce rate in percentages. The lower your percentage, the better it is for you. It means fewer people are leaving your site when they land on it. Having a high bounce rate is radically junk traffic visitors are going to the site but are exiting as soon as possible when they see the homepage.

Google measures Bounce Rate by two factors:

1. The amount of clicks within your site: meaning that visitors are viewing more pages than just the homepage.

2. The amount of time a visitor stays on your site: if they are staying less than 5 seconds, it’s considered a Bounce Rate.

Why do Bloggers want to keep their Bounce Rate as low as possible?

Keeping a low Bounce Rate helps to build rapport with your visitors, so they like and trust you. It’s directly linked to Click Through Rate (CTR). And it’s this CTR that is responsible for your site to convert traffic into money. Thus, building trust and credibility are a crucial component of a website because it affects earning levels. If visitors like you, and they like what you have to say and offer, they’re more likely to take action to whatever it is that you are suggesting them to take such as: signing up for your newsletter, downloading your e-book, buying a recommended product (affiliate commissions) or making a product/service inquiry.

So, not only is it important to get traffic to your blog but for conversion purposes, you’ll have to learn the techniques and tips to keep your traffic from leaving your site.

Tips to keep your Bounce Rate Low:

1. Professional Design & Layout

Professional Design
The look of your website can make or break you. The first impression is the best impression. You don’t want a site that looks dull. Credibility is crucial in internet marketing, so don’t ruin it by having a cheap or unprofessional looking site. If visitors can’t stand to look at the site, chances are, they are not engaged in the content. The first rule in internet marketing or doing any online business is establishing trust, credibility and authority. Having a well organized, clean, modern and professional theme helps to build that confidence, and it is a must for website owners to incorporate. This is not a Do-It-Yourself task, buy a professional theme or hire a professional to help you with this, preferably a professional web designer that has internet marketing visual experience.

2. Readability

There is no point in having great content if it’s not readable. Make sure the background is not distracting, no audio in the background or distracting/confusing advertisements that take away from your content such as pop-up windows or messages. I hate some Flash websites where they have animated or moving background; it’s very distracting when you’re trying to read a page (especially the ones with audio in the background!)

Use font colors and type that are easy on the eyes, like Arial, Verdana or Helvetica. Don’t make your links the same colors as your content text. How are visitors supposed to know what to click?

3. Easily Accessible Information

Having an organized, structured and a clean website is essential for your audience so they can find information instantly. A good navigation bar (without broken links) that’s accessible and well-grouped together makes things user-friendly and accommodates all types of audiences, young & old. Remember, your audience is searching for information to solve their problems or issues, make it very easy for them to get what they want.

Use things like Tags, Categories, Recent Posts and a Featured section to bring attention to several articles and posts. Don’t make pages/posts too long: people don’t want to scroll endlessly. Have paginations at the bottom so people can navigate to which section they want to go in the post/article.

4. High-Quality Content

People go on the net to search for information, ideas, inspiration or entertainment. Whatever it is they are searching for, make sure you stand out from the rest of your competitors by having High-Quality content. High-quality content is content that’s unique, well-thought, well-researched, well-written and shows that they're substance and effort put into the post/article. Spun articles or things that are duplicated do not have the same effect on visitors. Be as original and creative as possible and deliver good content for your visitors. Your visitors will love it, and so will Google.

5. Engage Your Audience – Use YouTube Videos

Few people know this, but Google spiders can crawl through Podcasts. So for some articles/posts that are very long and boring to read, consider doing a podcast so people can listen to it instead. Google can index it as well.

Google can’t crawl through videos, but they do know what the video is about based on the description of the video and the keyword tags used to describe the videos.

Make sure to post videos and podcasts that are relevant to the content of your post/page. Videos surely keep visitors more involved into your content, and they will get them stick around a lot longer. Whatever videos you decide to use, make sure that the related videos links are disabled, so visitors are not tempted to click on the next video and navigate Away from your site.

6. Have a Great Title!

No one is going to click to read your article/post if the title already sounds boring. Make sure your titles stimulate curiosity. It should also have relevant keywords and provide solutions to whatever your visitor is looking for.

Powerful titles like the title of this post do one thing: Make people want to click on it. Thinking up of great titles can be tricky and tough. However, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Just check out similar posts from your competitor’s site and recycle what they use but with your keywords and your twist to it.

Loading Spinner
7. Fast Loading Websites 

Visitors hate slowing loading pages, and so does Google. This matters in SEO and page ranking. People who are not technical or web savvy don’t have a clue about this, but how well your site is coded matters in SEO. Pictures/images should be optimized, Codes should be coded to W3C standard, CSS minimized, files gzipped. You can analyze your Site loading speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. There you also get personalized suggestions to reduce your page loading speed.

What's Next? Go ahead and Optimize your site to decrease the Bounce Rate. You can leave off your queries by commenting below.