Control your Android Mobile from The Internet

In this post, I am going to show you "How to find your phone's location, play ring to it and erase data from the internet". Everybody loses their mobile phone, and this trick is very helpful for those who lost their cell phone often. It's a new feature of Google; it just released before ten days by Google. Now, Google will help you to find your phone’s location and, more importantly, you can Erase your Android phone’s data direct from the net, or you can play ring to your mobile from the internet. All you need to do is, its Mobile data connection is ON.

Users of this service (Google Android Device Manager):
  • You can ring to your mobile from anywhere from The Internet.
  • You can see your phone’s location and full address from The Internet.
  • You can erase data on your phone from The Internet.
  • Remotely access your Android device from The Internet.
Note: These trick will work only for Android mobiles.
To find your phone's location, play ring to your mobile and erase data from the internet, please follow these steps:
  • First, Your Google account must be synchronised in your Android phone. If Not so, then do synchronise first.
  • Now, It will ask you for login. Login with you Google account details (must Enter Synchronised account details).
  • Now You will see something like the following Image.

  • Click on Ring icon to ring your Phone
  • Click on Erase device to Erase data on your Phone.

  • Click on Locate My Device to get the location of your device.

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