11 Incredible Android Launchers To Boost Your Phone

Hello, Folks! Almost Every people is not satisfied with their Android Phones or the old default shitty Android Launchers. Well, In my case I had a Samsung Galaxy S Duos which worked great for a few months then it started to lag like hell! I Searched the whole of the Internet regarding this issue; I saw many Forums. Many People Said that Root your Phone, Increase your Ram and Blah Blah Blah!

11 Incredible Android Launchers To Boost Your Phone

I overcome a Forum, and Sadly I do not remember the name so, Apologies for that :P Someone on that Forum Thread said That “Hey Buddy, Why not you change your Android Launcher?” I was like that what the hell is this Launcher? Rocket Launcher? Speed Launcher? Moreover, many other unrealistic thoughts went through my mind in just a matter of seconds.

For All those Who do not Know What is An Android Launcher?

Android Launchers changes the UI and the interface of your lock screen and your Mobile’s App Drawer. Android Launchers can help in decreasing your Phone’s Ram and making it a bit faster by changing that Ram Eating Applications. This was the Problem which I had in my old shitty Samsung Galaxy S Duos

 Android Launchers can also be very useful for all those who are bored with their Phone’s Default Android Launcher. 

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What to do if your Phone Lags on the below-given Launchers Also?

Well, Many of you always tell that you sometimes face some problems with all these launchers because some of them start lagging on your android mobile phone after a short time, So What to Do?

I will not be making the post too lengthy. So, I would just be sharing some of the basic techniques to make your Android Mobile Device Work Faster.
Android Hanging Logo

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now, Move to the About Phone Section.
  • Now Scroll Down and click 9-10 times on the Build Number section or until it says “You are Now a Developer.”
  • Now, Go to Settings again and near the Build No. You will see an option named “Developer Options.”
  • Click on it and Tick the “Force GPU Rendering” Option.
  • There Would be options like “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” Set both of them to “Off.”

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Note: Download Android Launchers from a Trusted Source like the Google Play Store because the Launchers Downloaded from other sources can be risky and take over all your data like Passwords, Messages, and Contacts.

So, That is the Reason I am Today Writing this post on “11 Incredible Android Launchers To Boost your Phone” Just for all you guys!

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Now, Without any further discussion, Let's get straight into it!

#1 The Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Android Launcher

This is my Favorite launcher which I use on my Lava Pixel V2 3GB Because of its impressive interface, UI and other customizable options which are just like an Icing on the Cake! This is the best Launcher if you want a Pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow look in your Old or New Android Device. 

Well, The Google Now Launcher has Launched a few years ago and received a huge success and response from the people who used it and everyone had really great experience using it. 
I will recommend this Launcher for the People who run Android JellyBean on their Phones and have 512 MB Ram on their Android Phones.

#2 Nova Launcher

Nova Android Launcher

This is also a great launcher for those who get bored easily in a really short span of time with their Android Phones/Launchers and always want a New Look For their Devices because The Nova Launcher offers a broad range of Paid and Free themes itself in the Launcher.

#3 ZenUI [By Asus]

ZenUI Android Launcher

ZenUI is a Giant Launcher by Asus Computers comes with a Minimalistic User Interface. They use this Launcher for their Zenfone Series And, yes it can be used by all and available for free in Google Play. This is a Great UI who need a Simple Clean UI with decent features. 

#4 Hola Launcher [★ Google Play Best of 2015 Winner! ★]

Hola Android Launcher

Hola Launcher is another Great Launcher which is suitable for the Mobile Phones with Low Ram or a Low Processor. Honestly, I tried this Launcher, and I did not like it because it just displays many apps on the home screen and always says you to install all these apps.
I will not say anything regarding the User Interface, App Drawer, and the Customization. The Only thing which makes me hate this Launcher is all these stupid Advertisements.
I recommend this Launcher for the Phones who have Low ram and a Shitty Processor. If you wanna Save your Smartphone Battery and Consume less power then go for it. As I have mentioned the only problem with this Launcher, If you are Ok with it, Then you are good to go.

#5 Metro UI Launcher 10

Metro UI Launcher 10 for Android

Metro Launcher is another great launcher for many people. This launcher gives your old Mobile Phone’s Launcher a new Windows Phone like looks. The Metro Launcher is also ideal for the devices which have a slow processor or less ram. I would Recommend this Launcher to the ones who just love the Windows Phone 10 Launcher or want a smooth User Interface.

#6 Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher for Android

This is also a great Launcher which is unique in its own style. This Launcher gives a unique look to your mobile device, and this is the best thing about this Launcher. Basically, It gives a round App Drawer to your Android Device, and Honestly, I have not seen this Unique feature in any of this Android Launcher rather than the Smart Launcher.

#7 Arrow Launcher [By Microsoft]

#8 Yahoo Aviate

Yahoo Aviate Launcher for Android

#9 Apex Launcher

#10 Buzz Launcher

#11 Launcher 8

Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network was a  highly Customisable Windows UI. If you Love the Windows Look, then you must try it!

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Final Words

There are a lot of Android Launchers available in the Market, and these were the Launchers I feel the best in terms of all things a person would need in his Android Mobile Phone, Tablet or any other Device.

If You think there are more Android Launcher which deserves to be on this list, then please comment down Below! 
We would love <3 to hear from you guys. :-)

An Article by Arvinder Singh [All You Should Know]
Stay Tuned!


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