Top 10 Android Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Hey Guys, I'm back with a new post. In this post I'm gonna tell about"Top 10 Android Apps to Make Your Life EasierAndroid apps are a powerful medium that helps to organize your search. The beauty of Android apps is that they present us with many advanced facilities, which otherwise cannot be achieved by simply browsing on the site. Smartphones leave a great impression on the way we conduct ourselves today. To utilize and tap the full potentialities of a smartphone, you must download and install some incredible apps for better functionality. These apps makes your Life simple.

Top 10 Android Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Let’s take a look at the 10 Powerful Apps that can transform your daily life experience:

#1 Google Keep

Deminto's Rating: 4.6

Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Productivity
Google Keep Screenshot
Google Keep is a reminder app by Google and is an extension for Chrome that helps you to create notes with pictures and text, and sync them across the devices even when you are offline. It has a voice memo facility that captures your mode in the go and later will remind you in the right time and place.

#2 Money View

Deminto's Rating: 4.9
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.3, Category: Finance
MoneyView Android App Screenshot
A richly designed app that helps to manage your expenditure and budget. Money View records your inflow of money, and you can easily have a timely review of your monetary status in weekly and monthly basis in a single tap. 

#3 Glympse

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Social
Glympse Android App Screenshot
With this flexible and reliable app downloaded on your Android phone, you make your near and dear ones free from any anticipation by way of sharing your real-time location. You just need to select a contact and send your destination with a message whenever you are late for any occasion. In whatever devices your contact will be, he or she will receive your message instantly.

#4 Inshorts

Deminto's Rating: 4.7
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million, Rating: 4.6, Category: News & Magazines
Inshorts News Android App Screenshot
An innovative app that collects news updates from multiple agencies and edits them into precisely 60 words in a way that readers can easily read them. Different genre of news you will find in this app and hence especially useful for those who are targeting competitive exams like UPSC, CAT, XAT, etc.

#5 Tinder

Deminto's Rating: 4.1
Google Play Downloads: 50 Million, Rating: 4.0, Category: Lifestyle
Tinder Datting Android App Screenshot
Tinder is popular dating app for all the single people to socialize and find their prospective matches in a nearby location. Depending on the age and distance, you can choose your partner and like them based on your interest. Soon after getting a response, you can start messaging. 

#6 WhatsDog 

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
WhatsDog WhatsApp Spy
A very flexible tool to track if somebody is online, even if the user keeps the information private. In other words, it is a spying tool, where you don’t even require to WhatsApp get installed on your phone or have a particular contact saved. All you need is just a phone number, and this app will automatically track it. As you start using it, it will create a calendar of events where the entire history and statistics of the person will be visible. 
WhatsDog very useful App to track the Activity of our Siblings, Friends, etc. It's Free and unavailable on Google Play Store. However, you can download the APK File and use it. I've personally used it, and it made spying my friends quickly. It gives an interactive graph of online & offline status of our friends. It's easy to use and doesn't need any technical awareness.

#7 Wunderlist

Deminto's Rating: 4.3
Google Play Downloads: 5 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Productivity
Wunderlist Android App

Wunderlist is a simplistic app that helps you to manage your to-do list on daily basis. Any sort of your personal and professional data can be maintained through this app and can be shared later with your family and friends. It can be used to sync in between the devices, so ultimately making it easy for you to access your details from anywhere.

#8 Slither.io

Deminto's Rating: 4.0
Google Play Downloads: 100 Million, Rating: 4.2, Category: Action
Slither.io Android App
A must have app if online game excites you. Through it, you can play against other people online for the longest hours. The rule of the game is that if your head touches another player, you will be finished. Similarly, if the players run into you, they will end, and you can eat their remains.

#9 Hola VPN Proxy

Deminto's Rating: 4.8
Google Play Downloads: 10 Million, Rating: 4.4, Category: Tools
Hola VPN Proxy
A free proxy switcher that can be used as an extension of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers in order to have access to blocked videos from foreign countries like USA and UK. This way, surfing via proxy, you can protect your privacy also. 

#10 Splashtop 2

Deminto's Rating: 3.7
Google Play Downloads: 1 Million, Rating: 4.5, Category: Business
Splashtop 2 Android App
A fastest remote desktop app that helps in easy transfer of files, print files from a remote computer to a local printer and helps to conduct remote chat sessions. In the field of IT, where remote accessing is very much required, it helps a professional to access his Windows or Mac computer easily through his Android phone or tablet. 

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